ACFF is a service company specialized in the field of health, security, environment and professional risks. Our customers work mainly in the building industry, the chemicals and petrochemical industry, the civil engineering and the wind turbine park.
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The company Assistance Chantier France Formation is born in 2008 by taking over the branch “technical assistance” that AC2F had developed since 2006. It is based in Bordeaux but operates everywhere in France.

It is composed of experienced professionals, of people working in risks prevention and of HSE monitors. It supports its customers:
by reinforcing a team in case of extra load of work,
by replacing a missing worker
Or by realizing tasks requiring an expertise that do not exist within the company or exist at a lesser level of expertise.
And this whatever the stage of your project : research, manufacturing, construction, commissioning or maintenance activities.

Since January 2010, it has been committed in a process of certification according to the common reference MASE-UIC. It is expected early 2011.

So far, on sites where we operate for the HSE supervision we can notice:
No serious accident, but also a good relationship with the other organizations engaged in the project (work inspectors, police, local residents, associations, local authorities, tourists …)